Super T&T

Super T&T is a store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that is run by Timmy and Tommy. It is the second expansion in the game with the previous store being T&T Mart and the next one being T.I.Y.

[edit] Upgrades

To get Super T&T, the player must have spent 25,000 in T&T Mart and have it open for 10 days. The garden Centre must also be built and open for 10 days.

To upgrade to T.I.Y,the player must have spent 50,000 bells in Super T&T and have the store open for 21 days. The garden store must of also been open for 21 days.

[edit] Hours

Super T&T hours 10am - 8pm Early bird 7am - 8pm Night owl 10am - 10pm

Getting this upgrade will make the Main Street music change to a more upbeat tune.

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