T&T Mart

T&T Mart is a convenience store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf which is ran by Timmy and Tommy. It is similar to Nook n' Go, the difference between the two is that Tom Nook no longer runs the shop and the name is changed due to him no longer running the store.

Like any good convenience store would, t&t mart has amazing hours. The default hours are 7am - 12am the early bird hours are 6am - 12am and the night owl hours are 7am - 5am.

Inside t&t mart every day is: 1 wallpaper 1 carpet 3 pieces of furniture 2 fortune cookies 1 wrapping paper 1 stationary set 3 tools 1 Medicine

And also the catalog.

There are some tools that you can get in this upgrade that you couldn't get in nookling junction. They are... The timer The slingshot The megaphone

To upgrade to t&t mart you need to have a house, spent 14000 In nookling junction or bought 15 items and you must of lived in your town for 10 days.

To upgrade to super t&t you need to spend 25,000 bells In t&t mart and it must of been open for 10 days. The gardening store must also been built and open for 10 days

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