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[edit] Friend Code Pages

hmm.. do we really need an individual page per friendcode? --Unknown User

good work chad and naruto boy on the fc it was hard work but rewarding :D --Spirit

thanks spirit, we used teamwork tbh, it was a lot, but it was worth it. --Naruto Boy

you know what they say more hands make light work --Spirit

we aren't the only ones who helped, thanks to everyone else too. ;D --Naruto Boy

It'd be useful, for the FC pages, if the game was stated- whether it's WW or CF. --Ripulse

No, they are not needed and are being deleted by request of tekmosis. Sorry that I must delete your hard work Chad, Naruto Boy, and Spirit but it has to be done. Information like this is constantly changing and should remain where it was meant to be, in the respected forums. I hope your not upset at me for doing this, but it's for the best. --SSBB Crazy --12 June 2009

[edit] Table Colors

I realized that the colors of tables were recently changed to brown and dark brown alternating, but is it possible we could change it back to the old colors (white and a light shade of grey) because with to be honest the brown looks very ugly and way to dark. Also, many of the pictures (of not all) are not transparent and if you noticed the white surrounding the pictures looks very ugly as well. --SSBB Crazy 12 July 2009

Yo just noticed this. ;D

Tables...describe? Are you talking about the tables on that page that you might have to delete? I can fix that if needed. --Karis 21:31, 3 July 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Duplicate Images

Recently I have noticed a few duplicate images being uploaded. Before uploading make sure to check to see if the image has already been uploaded. For example, the portrait of the Mantis was an image already uploaded and by typing 'mantis' is the search bar in the Images tab you can see that. Don't worry too much about it though! I can always go through and take care of it. --Lost in Azure

[edit] Arrow?

Why is there a little white arrow on the main page? Scroll down below the Ad and you'll see it. --Karis 20:56, 4 July 2010 (UTC)