Tan on City Folk

In the Animal Crossing Series players are able to tan. Though, if one wishes to tan, it is only possible during the Summer and more specifically July 16th to September 15th Basically, the player must spend enough time outside during a clear, sunny day and the player may recieve a tan. There are five different levels of skin tones that are available. The tan will last for awhile but can eventually fade away.


[edit] How to get a tan

Tan on Wild World

There are six skin tones and five tan levels. To get tanned the player needs to spend a long period of time in the sun without going back inside although, tans will eventually disappear gradually going back to level one e.g. If a player is on a level three tan it will go back to level two then one. It is recommended not to use an umbrella or anything which would block the player from the sun. Another method that can make a difference is wear clothing of a plain pattern and a pale colouration.

Another way that is only possible on Animal Crossing: City Folk is to use the Mii Mask. You can visit Shampoodle and have a makeover that cost 3000 bells but it's free on the first visit; so it is not all that necessary to return because if the Mii is changed it will change on the Animal Crossing game as well.

[edit] Tanning tips

Remember to:

  • Not use an umbrella.
  • Spend a lot of time outside.
  • Try to wear pale coloured clothing, such as white or baby pink.
  • The player can only tan from July 16th to September 15th.

[edit] How to get rid of or avoid tans

If you wish not to tan at all you can go outside with an umbrella when it is sunny or try not to spend a long period of time in the sunlight. Of course, avioding going outdoors completely will definitely prevent tans. All that is possible to get rid of your tan is to use an umbrella everytime you go outside. Also, going in buildings for a long time will help. Basically, you have to wait for your tan to fade. If this has to be done quickly, Time Travelling will help.

[edit] Tan levels

Tanning levels.
There are six skin tones or levels and five of them are from being tanned. Level one is the lightest and level six is the darkest. The longer the player spends outdoors the higher level they will get. This picture displays each of the levels and the hours which it will take to get to that level.

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