Tipper, the Snooty Cow
Species Cow
Gender Female
Birthday August 25th (30 cow years old)
Catchphrase "pushy"
Personality Snooty
Appearances Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original Shirt N/A
House Music "Soulful K.K."
Picture Inscription "I know you'll treasure this forever."
House N/A

Tipper (Japanese name: まきば, Makiba) is a villager with the species of a cow, and she has a snooty personality. So far, she has only made many appearances in the Animal Crossing Series, these games include - Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Personality

Although she has a sweet appearance, Tipper is a snooty Cow who doesn't appreciate being woken up too early in the morning. Based on her home, Tipper has a very simple way of going about her day and she also loves sunny days, but she is not a fan of the cold. She can take awhile to befriend with but if the player talks to her enough she will enjoy their company. She often mentions that she once was going to be an actress but, she didn't have enough confidence. Generally, she will get along with many other snooty villagers and the cranky villagers since they all have similar opinions. Tipper often mentions her past boyfriends and talks about love.

[edit] Appearance

Tipper is a cow who seems to be the friesian breed. This means her main colouration is black and white. She has a black patch over her right eye. Like all snooty villagers, Tipper uses mascara. She has a light-pink muzzle and two yellow horns. Oddly, her inner ear colouration is blue. Each of her hooves are yellow, like her horns. The tip of her tail is black. She originally wears the rainbow shirt.

[edit] House

In City Folk Tipper uses the phonograph which plays, Soulful K.K. She has furniture items such as the cream sofa, classic bed, classic bookcase and the kitchen sink. She also has white cosmos in her house. It seems Tipper doesn't particular theme in her house.

[edit] Name Meaning

Tipper's name most likely comes from the activity known as "Cow Tipping". Her catchphrase, "pushy" also refers to the activity.

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