JobStore Associate (Animal Crossing-Animal Crossing: City Folk), Store Owner (Animal Crossing: New Leaf- present)
Age14 raccoon years old

[edit] Who is he?

Tommy is a employee of Tom Nook's shop up until Animal Crossing: New Leaf where he and his twin brother take over the shop. He is the brother of Timmy (his twin) and the nephew of Tom Nook.He appears after you get the final upgrade of Nookingtons and he works on the upper floor.

[edit] Personality

Tommy would appear to be the bolder of the twins as he always speaks to you first as you arrive in the twins' section of the shop.

[edit] Looks

He only appears in one outfit, a light blue suit with a pink tie. Furthermore, he looks similar to his uncle, Tom Nook but with slightly larger eyes. Also, Nook states that his twin nephews have a mole on each of their hands, but opposite to each other; which is how he tells them apart.

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