JobMayor (?-2013) Retired Mayor (2013-present)
Age70 tortoise years old

Tortimer is an old male tortoise and is the mayor of the town you create up until Animal Crossing: New Leaf who is now the former and retired mayor of the player's town. As mayor in the previous games, He will usually be sitting behind the front counter at the Town Hall, only in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk.He appears during a great number of holidays, sometimes just to celebrate, or even more often, to give out items that you can only receive during that certain holiday. Some say his name is based off of the world "old timer", which is an elderly citizen. As seen in the Animal Crossing Movie, Tortimer has a very big ego and is very confident of himself as a mayor. In his office he stores posters of himself and trophies that he has won in the past. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he will eventually visit the player's town and would like to meet and talk to you. He will talk to the player about a Tropical Island where he is a Tour Guide and will then let you visit the Island for 1,000 bells.

[edit] Job

Tortimer will be one of the first people that you meet when you start your game. After getting a house, Tom Nook will insist that you go and visit everyone in town, including the mayor! Tortimer will be either standing outside of the Town Hall of inside, depending on which game that you are playing.

Tortimer will be standing outside of the Town Hall on certain holidays. Tortimer is the main coordinator of the events and often invites special characters that he knows, such as Franklin, to come and celebrate with the town. Tortimer loves a lot of fun and mischief. If you talk to him, he will joke around with you and if it is the correct holiday, he may give you an item to remember that special day!

Starting in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Tortimer began handing out unique New Year's shirt every year, making use of real time game play.

[edit] Past Life

These are things that have been said by villagers that have claimed that Tortimer has said them. They are all about his past life. Tortimer himself has not said these things.

  • He was a master gardener.
  • He had a tool shop that Tom Nook converted to Nook's Cranny when Tortimer was elected president.
  • He had a wife, but she died in an accident.

While talking to a neighbor, they will tell you how another animal was always talking about people behind their backs and how he was telling their secrets. Then out of nowhere they will say: "At least I'm not the one who told everybody Tortimer's shell is fake!"

[edit] Personality

Tortimer is kind of lazy, but always upbeat and excited when he is outside of the Town Hall, celebrating an event or something new in your town. If you look behind Pelly and Phyllis in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk at the Town Hall, you can usually find him sleeping with bubbles coming out of his mouth. Tortimer will always be happy to hand you special gifts on special days.

Tortimer in previous games.

"With age comes seniority, and this old-timer has been around long enough to become your town's mayor. Tortimer's a friendly old turtle who really gets excited when special events are going on in town. Speak to him during event days for a brief history lesson and, more importantly, free gifts! The following table shows the goods that Tortimer doles out during special occasions." - Prima Official Strategy Guide

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