Tortimer's Island

Tortimer's Island, or The Island as it's known more informally, is commonly thought to be a new addition to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but is really an updated version of a similar island from the original Animal Crossing. After Tortimer retired from his mayoral duties, he found his retirement life on this island. Players can travel to the island via Kapp'n, whose family helps run the activities found there. Kapp'n's family that resides there are his wife, Leilani, his daughter Leila and his mother Grams.

Players cannot access the island immediately. Mayors must have completed various tasks, until the third day, where Tortimer explains his island and that the player should come visit. These tasks include upgrading from the tent to a house and upgrading once again. On Day 4 of playing, the mayor can now access Tortimer's Island via Kapp'n. Users can reach the island via the dock at their beach location.

Each trip to the island costs 1,000 bells up front and Kapp'n will hold any items the user has on them until they return for safekeeping. Players can visit the island multiple times a day, with or without friends via WiFi.

Kapp'n will sing a lengthy song about his life as you boat over. Players can tap A, B, X or Y repeatedly for him to stop singing and head to the island quickly. He will likely be a bit angry and hurt that you skipped his song, but this does not affect your trip.

Once at the island, players can perform several different tasks. Leilani is in charge of heading home to the mayor's town or to take part in one of the island tours, where players earn medals. Grams sells rare items for said medals that users can then bring back to their town. Leila will buy items the user collects on the island (fish, bugs, flowers, etc.) and will pay 5% of their actual selling price. Items collected via tours or through fishing/bug catching/diving can be sent back to the main town with the wooden box beside Leilani. It can hold a maximum of 40 items (4 sections of 10) and items held on hand will not be taken back. Any leftover items when departing Tortimer's Island will be given 5% of their total value in bells (which is deposited in the ABD). Leilani will warn you if you are about to do so. This also applies to clothes that may be taken off.

In the main beach area, players can do as they please. They are free to alter the beach to their exact needs, and these changes will be reflected every time the player returns. The beach does not alter back to it's default form after leaving the island, so caution is needed when digging up bushes and trees. The Lloid rents out items for use, but these cannot be taken home, nor taken on the tours. Certain fish and diving bugs are found exclusive to the island. They are the Ribbon Eel, Whale Shark, Giant Trevally, Spotted Garden Eel, and Giant Isopod.

[edit] Tours

Leilani is the gateway to the abundance of tours offered at the Island. These range in activities, from fishing, to bug catching, diving, digging for ores and more. They also range in difficulty, as indicated by the star level. Exceeding the goal results in increased medals, which can later be used to buy items from Grams. On some tours, such as the ore tours, players can rent additional tools from the Lloid. Any items that you put in your inventory that don't relate to the theme of the tour (Bug-Catching, Fishing, Flower/Planting, Fossil, Balloon, and a few others) can be brought back to the island, deposited in the box and brought back to the main town. If an item relating to the theme of the tour is in your inventory at the end of said tour, it will disappear from your inventory before you return to the main Island.

[edit] Club Tortimer

At a cost of 50 medals, Club Tortimer allows players to visit unique international islands. Once bought (and only one is needed), Kapp'n will ask if you want to go to the international island (anyone in the world) or the island in your geographic region (i.e. North America or Europe). Other Club Tortimer players can visit the island as well. This island offers the same sort of tours and functions, but sells different items at each of these islands. Every time a player leaves and rejoins an international island, these items change again.

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