[edit] The Town

The Town is the residential part, like in the first two games. It's sort of a mix between the Towns in the first two games. It is still the scrolling type of view from Animal Crossing Wild World, but it's larger, and contains different levels of elevation, similar to the worlds in Animal Crossing. At least ten villagers can live in a town at one time. Now, because of all the space in the Wii Disc, you no longer have to share a home, or live in a single acre. You can have 4 files, and all of your houses are separated. Also, now Nook's Shop and the Able Sister's Shop are separated as well. This time round there is only two levels of elevation compared to the Gamecube's three. on every game, every town is unique due to you having to answer questions about yourself at the beginning of the game. Like on the past two versions, the City Hall and the Meuseum are located here. In the City Hall there is many things you can do. You can donate money, withdraw or deposit money in your bank account, move to a friends town, look in the recycling bin, for free furniture and much more. In the Mesuem, you can make your town stand out. You can donate different fish's, painting's, fossil's and bug's to make your museum stand out from the rest. Also here is Brewster's cafe where K.K Slider is expected to perform, and the observatory.

  • Town Activities:

Aswell as this obvious additions, the Town can be used to much things. When you invite your friends over you can interact with the town to play games with buddies. This can include games like Hide and Seek. Due to there being two levels of elevation, you can have deep games of it, and as there is Wii Speak now on this version, games can be surprisingly fun. Also in your town you can grow tree's and fruit tree's. Fruit tree's can be produced by you getting a certain fruit and digging into the ground. If you are to put your certain fruit in the hole, and bury it a little sprout will grow. If you look after it well by watering usually it will grow into a full tree and produce fruit, which can be eaten or sold. Other tree's can be bought from Tom Nook's shop and produced like fruit tree's.

  • Town Competitions:

Even more things happen in the town. Every month or so Bug and Fish contests appear on the message board, and tell you when the date is. When that certain date finally comes round, you must try and fish for the biggest fish out of all the villagers and show it to the mayor who will stand outside the Town Hall, he will tell you how big the fish is and who the current leader off the competition is. If you are to win you will be given a Trophey and pronounced the fishing champion. The same concept works with the bug contest. The trophies can be put in your house.

  • Your House:

Not only your house can be upgraded, but so can Tom Nooks shop. After you spend an amount of bells on his items, his shop grows in size, and more rare and more items become available to you. When Tom Nooks shop is under construction, the shop is unfortunetly closed for that day, but it is all worth it. In Wild World, you had to have a friend buy something from the shop to get the last upgrade, so who knows what the requirements will be to upgrade your shop in City Folk, we are just going to have to wait out.

  • Residents:

Now to move onto villagers. Due to the Wii disc being much bigger then its predecessors, much more data can be crammed into it. At this time, we know that a minimum of 10 villagers can live in your town, and they can come, and they can go at any time. Most probably there will be over 100 different villagers in the game, so for you too see the same villager in your town twice, well the odds are against you. You can interact with the villagers by just have a nice friendly talk, inviting them over to your house, or just giving them a present. Like you villagers also have there own houses, but its likely to be only one room like what it was on Wild World.

[edit] Holidays

Back and better than ever are the holidays that we all missed in Wild World. Christmas will return along with Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day.

  • Halloween: On Halloween, much like the GameCube game, you can buy candy from Tom Nook and then you can give candy to your residents on the night. All your residents shall be wearing pumpkins on their heads throughout the night. One person however is not a resident. He is Jack. If you find him, you can trade your candy for a piece of the Halloween set. The more candy you give him, the more pieces of furniture you will receive.
  • Christmas:Christmas is back in City Folk and is better than ever. On Christmas day, a reindeer will visit your town and you will be able to recieve a present from him. He wil only give you one present when you visit him. He can be located, walking around your town on Christmas Day.
  • Easter: On Easter Day, the Easter Bunny will visit your town. You can talk to him, which he will then send you to do a task. This will allow you to go around your town, digging up items from the ground. Easter eggs can be found underground, which you can give to the rabbit. Information about this is limited until people have had a chance to play the game through.
  • Valentines Day:On Valentines Day, a female or male character will come up to you and give you a present. Not much has been revealed about this holiday as of yet.
  • New Years Eve: Like in Wild World, New Years eve is back. Yet again you will be celebrating this event throughout the night, along with your residents. Tortimer will be outside the Town Hall throughout the night, along with the countdown clock. You should be able to recieve sparklers and roman candles from Tortimer, just as you did in Wild World.
  • Harvest Festival: On the Harvest Festival Day, which takes place on thanksgiving, the event will start at 3 o' clock P.M. In this event, when you talk to Tortimer, you get a fork and knife, in which, you can give to Franklin. Franklin is a turkey who only comes on the Harvest Festival. It's like hide-and-seek; you'll have to find him. Once you find him, talk to him and he'll take the fork and knife, and will reward you with a type of Harvest furniture from the Harvest Furniture series. He will disappear, but you could still find him until the event ends. There is no limit, from my experience, to getting as many forks and knives, giving it to Franklin, and getting Harvest furniture.

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