Town Gate

The main gate is where all of the activity is. While there isn't much to do outside of it, once you step into this building you will have plenty of things to do! The main gate has been in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. In Animal Crossing, the police station replaced it.


[edit] Booker

Booker is one of the gate's main keepers. He will be the bulldog standing to the left of the gate. Although not very sure of himself, Booker can help you with a lot of different things that deal with your town. These are:

  • Change flag! » Change the flag for the outside of your town. This means you will replace the flag with a pattern from your pocket.
  • Lost and Found » Visit the lost and found for any stray items you need.
  • What's new? » Keep you up to date on the visitors that come to your town. (Wendell, Pascal, etc.)
  • Nothing much » You cancel any interactions with Booker.

[edit] Copper

Copper is the dog to the right and helps you with things related to WiFi.

  • Go out! » Copper will search for towns with open gates that you can visit.
  • Invite guests! » Copper will open the gates, allowing others that you have swapped friend codes with to visit your town.
  • Friend code » You will be set up with a friend code if you have an online connection.
  • Where am I? » You will be told that you are inside of the town gate building.
  • Nothing » You cancel any interactions with Copper

[edit] Inside of gates

This is how the gates look inside when you enter the building. The inside of all gates are the same for everyone in each game.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Animal Crossing: City Folk
Wildworldgate.PNG Cityfolkgate.jpg

[edit] Styles of gates

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, you cannot have a different styled gate. It was the same for everyone. However, in Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can have three different styled gates. Your game will randomly determine which one you will get.

Spanish Style Castle Style Village Style
Spanishstyle.png Castlegate.png Villagenew.png

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