Trading Post (GCN)

Animal Crossing Uses the Game Cube's internal networking functions in such a way that it can actually transfer data between two games.

Using highly advanced technology (alright, all it really does is manipulate power lines to transfer data), it is possible for players to send Items to one another using their unique Codes, which they will pre-determine before the transferrals and exchanges are made.

Neo's Trading Post Thread

[edit] Database of Neoseeker members. You must be a Neoseeker member to become apart of the database.

[edit] akakahn

  • Town Name: NES
  • Player Name: nick

[edit] angel cheater 50

  • Town Name: Flora
  • Player Name: Joanna Player 2: Psyhco

[edit] Black Dragon

  • Town Name: Ragol
  • Player Name: Ralf

[edit] black ied peas

  • Town Name: Sunset
  • Player Name: Alex


  • Town Name: Puddy
  • Player Name: Lindsey

[edit] bubblegum194

  • Town Name: Crossing
  • Player Name: Judy

[edit] Chad

  • Town Name: Chewyton
  • Player Name: Chad

[edit] chibichichi

  • Town Name: Pigpen
  • Player Name: Megan
  • Town Name: LaLaLand
  • Player Name: Megan

[edit] Child of Death and D

  • Town Name: Pallenet
  • Player Name: Gary

[edit] Foamy_The_Squirre

  • Town Name: anitown
  • Player Name: Eleanor

[edit] Galacticdramon

  • Town Name: The Moon
  • Player Name: Galactic

[edit] Gaming Guru

  • Town Name: Mustafar
  • Player Name: Sidious

[edit] Ghettomusick

  • Town Name: Da Gheto
  • Player Name: ?uest

[edit] Gogetenks

  • Town Name: Outset
  • Player Name: Seth

[edit] gotenks992

  • Town Name: alaska
  • Player Name: Wally

[edit] Hot Pink Yoshi

  • Town Name: Hyrule
  • Player Name: Zelda

[edit] kerosakura2002

  • Town Name: Leeds
  • Player Name: koudelka

[edit] Leopold100

  • Town Name: buffalo
  • Player Name: chris

[edit] meloman11

  • Town Name: LasVegas
  • Player Name: Reid

[edit] NamiThePichu

Town: Haven

  • Player Name: Sora

[edit] not logged in

  • Town Name: hyrule
  • Player Name: alex

[edit] Oni

Town: Ace City

  • Player Name: Oni♂*

[edit] sean133

  • Town Name: X-mas
  • Player Name: Sean

[edit] sonic111

  • Town Name: Mudville
  • Player Name: Mark

[edit] tomato13187

  • Town Name: Echo
  • Player Name: Danny (Note that there is a space before the word 'Echo')

[edit] Trunksngoten13

  • Town Name: hill
  • Player Name: Billy

[edit] Yoshi___Fanatic

  • Town name: Hyrule Player Name: Link
  • Town name: Poobah Name: Spancer

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