Trees appear in every game. They have 3 bundles of leaves on them, with the colour depending on the time of year. In spring, they are a light green colour, in the height of Summer, they are an intense dark green, in fall, they are a yellowey green in September, orange in October and red in November, in the winter, they are brown with snow on them. However, in mid January, the trees and bushes turn light green.

Pine trees are taller than normal trees, and have lights on around toy day and the new year, and disappear in early January. Palm trees have 5 big, long leaves on them.

On fruit trees, the following fruit can grow Perfect orange Perfect peach Perfect cherry Perfect pear Perfect Apple Orange Peach Cherry Pear Apple Lychee Lemon

On Palm trees, the following fruit can grow Banana Coconut

Fruit doesn't grow on pine trees.

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