Trees (ACWW)

Regular Trees
Even though these trees are very common throughout your town, they are fairly useful. Shake them by pressing “A” to see if any hidden treasure falls out. Treasure can include 100 bells, furniture, and beehives. (Run if you find a beehive or you’ll be left with a face to remember!) Not all trees have something concealed in their branches, so make sure you shake every one. Who knows you might get lucky and find something useful to you and your gameplay. (only two trees a day have furniture!)

Fruit Trees
When you first start in your village, there will be many trees scattered about your town. On some trees, three pieces of fruit will be visible in the branches. Fruit can include apples, peaches, cherries, pears, or oranges. Press “A” to shake the tree and make the fruit fall to the ground. Sell this fruit for 100 bells each at Tom Nook’s shop.
There are many different ways to acquire different fruits besides the ones that came with your town. You can get them from a villager, mom’s letters, and someone visiting your town through Wi-fi. Any of these foreign fruits catch 500 bells a pop. They are hard to come by, so try planting them. Just get a shovel, dig a hole, and bury the fruit. Trees take four days to mature, so don’t get impatient. Your foreign fruit stock could make you rich quick!

Note: You can find coconuts washed up on the beach. Plant many of these trees because they only bear two pieces of fruit. Coconuts sell for 500 bells each.

Money Trees
With your Golden Shovel, dig a hole, then bury a bag of money (e.g., 10,000 bells). After four days, check your tree to see if it bears money. If so, harvest it to add to your wealth.

No matter how much money you plant, a bell tree sprouts three 30,000-bell bags (if the tree is successful). Also, it bears "fruit" only once. After the money is harvested, the tree functions as a regular tree.

Bell trees do not always work. The greater the amount of money buried, the greater the chances of growing a successful bell tree.

Bell trees follow the same rules for tree growth, and they take the same amount of time to mature as all other trees: four days.

If you have any questions, check out our Tree Guide.

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