BirthdaySeptember 15th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original Shirt"Heart Shirt"
House Music"K.K. Steppe"
Picture InscriptionN/A

Tutu (Japanese name: れんにゅう Rennyuu) is a Peppy, bear villager who made her first appearance in Animal Crossing. She is a light tan bear and has a big black snout. Above her snout is a strip of light pink, possibly her cheek color. The inside of her ears are blue. Her hands and feet are tipped with a light pink color that matches her cheeks.


[edit] Personality

Tutu's personality is very similar to her appearance, she is very girly and loves anything cute. Tutu likes to talk about random things that pop into her mind and she often forgets about what it was that she was talking about in the first place. She has undeniable charm and really turns a town into a great place to be because you know that you will always have a friend as a neighbor. Her sweet personality makes her hyper and full of fun things to talk about. Tutu goes to bed fairly early, stating that she needs her beauty sleep.

[edit] House

Tutu decorates her house very simple and doesn't put much of her personal style into it. The one thing that does match her personality is the pink kotatsu and her Mama bear that greatly resembles her. It is neatly organized. The following are items inside of her home:

[edit] Name Meaning

Tutu's name most likely is based on her personality. A tutu is a pink costume item used in ballet that girls wear to dance. Tutu might also be a reference to a fictional female bear who is the girlfriend of another fictional bear named Tottles, created by Humphry Bowen.

[edit] Trivia

  • Tutu sometimes give you a free and unexpected gift.
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