Unexpected Events (GCN)

Whether it may suddenly rain, snow, or sleet, or maybe even an old Turtle may ask you for help, with this page you can always be on your toes.


[edit] Igloos

When there is snow on the ground one of your villagers might make an Igloo. The Igloo will last for the whole day, so you better go and chat with the villager quickly. If you get lucky that villager might let you play a game with them, and if you win you will get special gifts. Enjoy!

[edit] Snowmen

When there is snow on the ground in your town, you may run into a snowball. If you can get two snowballs and make them perfect, then put one on top of the other, then your snowman will come alive and will give you a piece of snowman furniture. If your snowman comes out bad, then he won't give you anything.

[edit] Summer Campers

Some animals from other towns might want to escape from thier own towns for the summer. So during the summer season you should try and look around your town for tents. If you find one, talk with the villager inside. He/she may want to play a game with you, if you win the game they will give you a piece of cool camping gear.

[edit] Tortimer Bridge gift

If your town gets filled with villagers, then Tortimer may seek advice of where to build a brand new bridge. He will let you pick the location. So pick wisely.

[edit] Tortimer Lighthouse Job

In Janurary and Feburary, Tortimer may ask you to do him a favor. He runs the lighthouse in your town, and it is his job to turn it on everynight. If you can go to the lighthouse everyday for seven days, then he will give you a gift. Remember, if you mess up once, you won't get the gift. The gift that Tortimer offers when he gets back if you complete the task, is either a lighthouse model or chocolates. If you yourself cannot turn on the lighthouse for whatever reason, it'd be a good idea to ask your friends in your town to do so, as you will both be able to get a reward then.

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