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Villagers are the most common and abundantly-found characters in the Animal Crossing series. They belong to a variety of different species of animal and reside in your Town as the Player's neighbours.

These Town natives hail from over 30 different species and offer their own unique appearances, personalities, habits, likes/dislikes, and social behaviours. Since you can only have a certain amount of Villagers living in your Town at the same time and the total number of them is so large, only a preset amount are able to move in at once.

[edit] Appearance

In relation to the Player, Villagers are very similar in body shape and overall physical proportions. There are a few exceptions in the bulky Rhino, sleek Eagle, and scrawny Mouse Villagers, but for the most part, there are no big appearance gaps between Villagers and Players besides the fact that Villagers are all animals and Players are all humans.

[edit] Villager Species

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