Wet Suit

The Wet Suit is a new tool added in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It allows the player to enter the sea and dive for sea-floor dwelling creatures and plants such as Lobsters and Sea Grapes.

There are 9 different wet suits available, all varying in colour, on Tortimer's Island for 40 medals. Members of Club Tortimer, which can be joined for 48 medals, have access to special coloured wetsuits only available to members, these are the blue, red, striped, and white Wet Suits.

At certain points in the player's town, they can also dive into the water from an elevated platform. This can be done by walking to the edge and simply pressing the A Button. The only two locations this is available for are at the end of Kapp'n's Dock, and off the side of cliffs with no beach below them.

[edit] Available Wet Suits

  • Black Wet Suit
  • Green Wet Suit
  • Blue Wet Suit (Tortimer's Club)
  • Pink Wet Suit
  • Striped Wet Suit (Tortimer's Club)
  • Rental Wet Suit (Tortimer's Island)
  • Orange Wet Suit
  • White Wet Suit (Tortimer's Club)
  • Red Wet Suit (Tortimer's Club)

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