White Nintendo DSi

White Nintendo DSi
Price N/A
Countries AvailableEurope

The White Nintendo DSi is a bench that you can sit on. It is the eighth item that players can receive as Downloadable Content. Its twin is the Black Nintendo DSi.


[edit] Appearance

The Nintendo DSi is obviously white. It has all of the features of the real DSi, including a screen, A,B,X,Y buttons, the directional pad, the speakers, and the power button. It has four legs sticking out of it, hence making it a bench.

[edit] Release Date

Europe: April 3rd - 13th, 2009.

[edit] Letter

Dear [Players name],

Here's a special hand-held

gift for you - it's so big,

you can even sit on it!

From the Nintendo Team

[edit] Reason for Receiving

The reason why Nintendo decided to give this out to the players was to promote the release of the Nintendo DSi in real life. No one is sure why Europe was chosen to receive the white version.

[edit] Trivia

  • If you trade and receive this in North America, it will be called Nintendo DSi W.

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