Wii Locker

Wii Locker
NI AnimalCrossing wiilocker.png
Countries AvailableEurope and Korea

The Wii Locker is the newest Downloadable Content which represents the Nintendo system, the Wii!


[edit] Appearance

The Wii Locker is two Wii remotes side by side, acting as doors. This item acts as a closet, and opens from the middle of the two remotes.

[edit] Release Dates

  • Europe from 19th November - 3rd December 2009
  • Korea from 15th March - 21th March 2010

[edit] Letters

[edit] Reason for Receiving

The Wii Locker was released in Europe in celebration of the release of the newest system made by Nintendo, the Wii. It was later released in Korea.

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