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The Wii Speak a new attachment that will act as a microphone for the Nintendo Wii. It plugs into one of your Wii's two USB ports in the back of the console. It allows you to talk to your friends while online once you plug in the Wii Speak and place it near your TV. This accessory uses a LED to let you know when the Wii Speak is turned on or not. You can stand as far as ten feet away from it and it will stick pick up your voice clearly.

[edit] Release Dates

November 16th, 2008 » Animal Crossing: City Folk Bundle
December 5th, 2008 » Sold separately

Wii Speak is currently available to be separately sold and costs $29.99. It is also bundled with Animal Crossing: City Folk only for a price of $59.99. At a later date, it will eventually support other games such as The Conduit. Wii Speak was first announced back in E3 earlier this year. The

[edit] How to use

To use the Wii Speak with Animal Crossing: City Folk, you will need an online connection. Simply plug in the Wii Speak in the appropriate places and make sure that it is turned on and near the TV. Then, simply turn on your Wii and boot up Animal Crossing: City Folk. Then, go to your friend roster, press A on the options tab, and turn on the Wii Speak option. After this, you are all set. Anytime you go on Wi-Fi and your Wii Speak is turned on, you can speak and it will be heard by the other players that are Wi-Fiing with.

[edit] Sounds

This device uses noise filtering to pick up all sounds that are not coming out of the television, such as the game's noises itself. Since it is plugged in a USB port, the sound does go into the Wii Speak, but when it reaches the Wii, the sound is thrown back and out. Any other sounds, such as your dog barking or another person in the room talking in the background, will be heard if they are close or loud enough.

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